I like when things contradict each other. Mixed time aspects and a highly contrasted visuality. I am driven by putting together parts that don't belong together. Turning them into entities that create their own time and space. By referencing both art history and contemporary image culture I search for what combines these fragments but also what pulls them apart.

Technology based themes have been present in my art practice on and off for several years in various ways and I have worked with projects in which I developed paintings based on computer malfunctions and photoshop distortion effects such as glitches, pixels etc. The idea is that by using a traditional method of making art that has such a long history of visual culture behind it and putting it in a context of the new digital spaces, put the two contrasting image forms in a dialogue with each other.

I've been looking to create a contrast. A juxtaposition. The absurdity of spending time on something that is supposed to be a millisecond of mechanical error. Making the unwanted something that I want. Giving the malfunction a function. Giving a meaning to the error. I'm searching for that instant moment of time in the virtual world to become something lasting and to create movement in stillness. By spending hours, days, weeks and sometimes even months on these depictions of computer irregularities, I strive to capture the beauty in the failure.